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How to Add a New Homework/Assignment

In order to add a new assignment or homework to a class, you have to be signed-in as either a School Administrator or a Staff member with Read/Write or Publish permission on the class.

  1. Sign-in to your school website.
  2. Click on the  Admin or Teacher Dashboard menu item.
  3. Under the Content Info., click on  Homework Assignment, to open the Manage Assignments page.
  4. To add a new homework assignment, click on the Add New Assignment link to open the new assignment page.
  5. Fill out the following fields:
    • Subject: the subject of the assignment.
    • Details: the details of the assignment and any remarks if any.
    • Assigned On: the date the assignment will be assigned.  This date can be set in the future if required.
    • Due On: the due date of the assignment.  Logically, it should be after the Assigned On date.
    • Posted By: If you are an Administrator, then you can post an assignment on behalf of any other staff member.
    • Applies To: select which grades and sections this homework belongs to.
    • Add To Calendar: if checked, the homework due date will appear in the calendar of the selected grades and sections.
  6. Click on the Save & Publish button to save the changes to the new assignment.

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