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How to Publish News on the School Website

In order to publish news on the school website, you have to be signed-in as either a School Administrator or as a Staff member with permission to publish news and announcements on the website.

  1. Sign-in to your school website.
  2. Click on the Admin or Teacher Dashboard menu item.
  3. Under the  Content Info. section, click on News link to open the Manage News page.
  4. To add a news article, click on the Add New Item link to open the Add New Item page.
  5. Fill out the following fields:
    • Title: the title of the news article.
    • Details: the content of the news article.
    • Posted On: the date the news article will be published.
    • Expires On: the date the news article will be removed from the homepage of the website.
    • Posted By: the staff member who is publishing the news article.
    • Visible To:  select Public to allow all website visitors to view this news article.  Select School Members to allow all staff, parents, and students to view this news article after signing-in to the website.  Website visitors who cannot sign-in to the website will not able able to view this news article.  Select Grade Members to allow only teachers, parents, and students of a selected grade and/or section to view the news article.
    • Applies To: select General if the news article applies to all the school, or select a specifc grade/section if the news article applies to certain grades.
    • Closed for Comments: select if you do not want to allow website visitors to comment on the news article.
    • Show in News Bar: select if you want to show the title of this news article in the news bar on the homepage.  If selected, the title will be removed from the news bar on the Expires On date.
    • News Picture: is the main picture that will appear on the top-left corner of the news article.
  6. Click Save button to save the news article.
  7. After the news article is saved successfully, select Notify Subscribers to send an email notification to all website members when publishing the articles.
  8. Click Publish button to publish the news article on the website.

Adding Pictures and/or YouTube Videos:

  1. Click Add Picture to add pictures and/or YouTube videos to the news article.
  2. To add picture(s) follow these steps:
    • On the Add File Attachment page, click on the Browse button and locate the picture file on your machine.
    • Select Show as Thumbnail to show the picture as a small thumbnail inside the news article.  If unselected, the picture will be shown in actual size.
    • Click Upload File button, to upload the picture to the news article.
    • Repeat the above 3 steps to upload additional pictures.
  3. To add a YouTube video, follow these steps:
    • Go to YouTube website in another window.
    • Find the video that you want to add to the news article.
    • Click on the Share button under the YouTube video.
    • Click on the Embed button under the Share section.
    • Copy the embed code that appears and paste it in the Video Embed Code box on the Add File Attachment page.
    • Click Add Video button to save the YouTube video under the news article.

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