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Should students and teachers be Facebook friends?

In the virtual world, the definition of a student-teacher relationship is blurred, particularly on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, where adults and teens share the same forums to connect and keep in touch with friends, classmates, relatives, and co-workers.

So is it appropriate for your child to “friend” a teacher on a social network like Facebook?  Here are 4 reasons why it’s not a good idea to do so:

  1. Students and teachers have different personalities in the classroom than outside of it, and the two should not be mixed.
  2. There needs to be a certain distance between teachers and students in order to maintain respect. A teacher needs to be a role model, mentor, and advice giver – not a “friend”.
  3. When a high school student gains access into a teacher’s network of friends and acquaintances and is able to view their family photos, for example, the student-teacher dynamic is altered.
  4. For teachers, friending students provides more information than you are willing to provide in an educational setting.

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