e-Skool Recent Upgrades

School Ticketing System: Better Education Starts with Better Communication

As part of our continuing effort to enhance the capabilities of e-Skool, a new Ticketing module was launched that enhances the collaboration between students, parents, and the school.

Students and parents can submit tickets, or messages, to the school.  These tickets will in turn be routed automatically to the concerned staff based on a pre-defined ticket distribution matrix.  The recipient staff member might reply and close a ticket or re-assign it to another staff member.

The main advantage of using such a system is to allow all parties to track their messages and address any student and parent concerns as quickly as possible.   Furthermore, students, parents, and school staff can view all their tickets in a single place.

Please feel free to contact e-Skool Support team if you have enquiries on how to implement this system at your school.

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