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Should students and teachers be Facebook friends?

In the virtual world, the definition of a student-teacher relationship is blurred, particularly on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, where adults and teens share the same forums to connect and keep in touch with friends, classmates, relatives, and co-workers. … Continue reading

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5 new school year’s resolutions for teachers

1. Get fit: If you haven’t already incorporated a good exercise routine into your weekly schedule, you should resolve to exercise at least 3 times/week. 2. Move up: What will it take for you to get a raise, a promotion or a … Continue reading

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You Make a Difference in Students’ Life, Happy Teachers’ Day!

With deep appreciation for the positive difference teachers are making in students’ life, we would like to share with you “The Teddy Stallard Story”, click here to watch it on YouTube.

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New Teacher Password Policy

As part of our continuing effort to enhance our services, a new policy has been put in place to improve schools’ website security. All new staff members will be prompted to change their passwords.  The new password: cannot be the same as … Continue reading

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How to be Specific when Communicating with Parents

Research suggests that school-to-parent communication can promote productive parental involvement, and this, in turn, can have a positive impact on student achievement.  How can teachers and schools effectively communicate with parents to promote the positive parental involvement that may result in … Continue reading

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The 5 greatest challenges facing private school administrators

Challenges facing private schools make it extremely difficult to keep them thriving and competitive. We studied what these challenges are, as well as uncover strategies to overcome them. We are pleased to share this study with you! The 5 greatest … Continue reading

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