Learning Videos Of Exemplary Principals In Action

School Leadership in Action: Principal Practices is a series of videos featuring exemplary principals in varied school settings nationwide, who bring to life and reinforce the five key practices of effective principals:

  1. Shaping a Vision of Academic Success for All Students
  2. Creating a Climate Hospitable to Education
  3. Cultivating Leadership in Others
  4. Improving Instruction
  5. Managing People, Data and Processes to Foster School Improvement

These illustrative, free professional development tools are part of a growing repository for principals and those who support their professional development. They can be used with accompanying support materials or integrated into existing school leadership programs/curriculum. They are appropriate for both formal and informal learning settings and for directed and self-directed learning.

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9 Great TED Talks About The Future of Education and Teaching


These talks from TED Talks Education, offer insights, concerns, and inspiration while discussing today’s educational practices and shortcomings, from a variety of perspectives.

  1. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms
  2. Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education
  3. Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers
  4. Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together
  5. Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums
  6. Arthur Benjamin’s formula for changing math education
  7. Bill Gates on mosquitos, malaria and education
  8. Let’s use video to reinvent education: Salman Khan
  9. The key to success? Grit: Angela Lee Duckworth
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Parent Engagement Survey

elementary kids with father parent involvement

Are parents helping their child’s school meet their goals? The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s experts created a methodologically sound parent engagement survey so that you can gauge parent interest in their child’s education. From parent participation in fundraising activities to whether or not they meet with teachers, these survey questions show you if parent involvement is lacking.

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The Importance of Your School’s Online Presence

How to Build a School Website

In today’s digitally-driven world, schools need to have a strong online presence or risk falling behind their competitors in the search for the best students and staff. A strong brand is how your school is remembered; parents and students will only be able to memorize brands that have made an impact on them. Your online presence should be a direct reflection of your school’s brand, acting as its digital representation.

In the search for a new school, your school’s brand is how you stand out from the crowd. Considering that many parents will begin their search online, you need to make an immediate impact with your digital presence. Online branding is therefore the first step to attracting the best talent to your school.

Your website is the most important communications tool where most parents, students and potential staff will go to research your school. It is here where your branding must be most present. Of course the merits of your school, such as your academics, facilities, sports and location will ultimately be the decisive factors in choosing your school, but your online brand will often be how they immediately associate your school, so you need to get it right.

Providing a consistent online brand presence is a key factor in presenting your school in its best possible light. The internet has created an environment where anyone searching for information about your school can easily find you with a quick search engine inquiry, and this goes further than just your website; potential students and parents will now look at your social media presence to gain a better understanding of your school. An incoherent brand tone and visual outlook on your social media channels can negatively impact your school as it looks unprofessional and disjointed.

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Eight Characteristics of Principle Centered Leaders


  1. They are continually learning.
  2. They are service oriented.
  3. They radiate positive energy.
  4. They believe in other people.
  5. They lead balanced lives.
  6. They see life as an adventure.
  7. They are synergistic.
  8. They exercise for self renewal.

These traits not only characterize effective leaders, they also serve as signs of progress for all of us. Click here to read more about these characteristics.

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Edison’s Efficient Schedule


8 hours for sleep
8 hours for one’s vocation
4 hours for recreation and health
2 hours for study and preparation
2 hours for extra service for the benefits of others, without pay

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New Customer Service Portal


As part of our mission to deliver exceptional customer service, e-Skool launched a new customer service portal in collaboration with Zendesk.  Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service portal trusted and used by more than 25,000 companies worldwide including Disney, Groupon, Pinterest, Vodafone, and Sony Music.

The new portal can be accessed by visiting  http://support.eskool.ca or by clicking the Feedback button at the lower right corner of your school website, after signing-in.

Fantastic service requires continuous improvement, and you can count on e-Skool team to share and collaborate with you as we embark on our journey together.

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e-Skool Mobile Application


Shortly the first version of e-Skool Mobile Application will be released, offering parents and students an interactive communication experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances school communications in a modern and completely user-friendly way.
  • Allows pop-up messages and instant alerts to remind parents of upcoming events or changes.
  • Keep students and parents up to date on school’s exam schedule, homework, and weekly learning objectives.
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e-Skool Pays Back to Our Community


e-Skool’s mission is to help improve the quality of education around the world. We believe that all students, everywhere, deserve to have the tools they need to become the next generation of innovators.  Furthermore, we are committed to helping students, parents, and teachers improve their educational experience, as well as making it an enjoyable one.

Our company has started a new program to help schools and pay back to our community.  Every year, e-Skool website solution will be donated to a selected number of non-profit schools or schools that cannot afford to buy e-Skool.

If you think that your school falls into one of these categories, then feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch  as early as possible to implement e-Skool for you.

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The 5 greatest challenges facing private school administrators

Challenges facing private schools make it extremely difficult to keep them thriving and competitive. We studied what these challenges are, as well as uncover strategies to overcome them. We are pleased to share this study with you!

The 5 greatest challenges facing private school administrators:
1. Competition
2. Parental Engagement
3. Communication
4. Pitfalls of Technology
5. Inefficiencies

Challenge #1: Competition

Competition is beneficial to a school and to students in ensuring that all schools strive to improve student outcomes, advance technology, and maintain facilities.  However, it can make an administrators job even more stressful and demanding as they try to maintain a competitive edge.  “Every private school is looking for a competitive edge so they can attract the top tier of kids” ~Sandra Bass, Private School Insider~

Challenge #2: Parental Engagement

The parents of private school students tend to be extremely committed to having a say in their child’s education.  36% of teachers say they often come across parents who need ‘constant reassurance’.  Interacting with faculty, students, the community, policymakers, and parents can be stressful and demanding for administrators.

Challenge #3: Communication

The majority of contact parents have with schools takes place in a rush at the end of the school day.  Parents were asked what type of communication they needed to feel more in touch and involved with the school and their child’s learning process.  Participants wanted a better understanding of:
+ The grading system
+ Homework assignments and ways to help with homework
+ Progress reports or early warnings of academic difficulties
+ Test dates and results
+ Extracurricular activities

Challenge #4: Pitfalls of technology

Rampant viruses, malware, human error, and other technology issues are prevalent in schools.  The costs for technical services, lost productivity, and the value of lost data average $3,957 for each incident.  If data is permanently lost, the average costs are estimated to be amuch higher $20,557.

Challenge #5: Inefficiencies

The lack of effective continued training makes it difficult for teachers to find a place for integrative technology in their classrooms.  Office staff continue to be burdened with paper-work and retyping data.  Teachers complain they do not have the support personnel or training they need to take advantage of current technologies.  Investments in technology don’t promise the returns and benefits expected.

Let us know your feedback on these and any other challenges you’re facing at your school.

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