4 New Schools Adopt e-Skool for 2011-2012 Academic Year

This month, e-Skool was successfully launched in four new schools for the 2011-2012 academic year.  The schools are

  • Ecole Val Pere Jacques,
  • Saint Georges School,
  • Mesrobian High School & Technical College, and
  • National Protestant College.

e-Skool team performed an excellent job by smoothly lauching the 4 websites in less than 2 weeks. Faculty, students, and parents welcomed the new e-Skool websites as it provided a wealth of tools to enhance the quality of education and eliminate the communication barriers between the schools and their communities.

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Ahliah School Adopts e-Skool

Ahliah School launched their school website www.ahliahschool.edu.lb in July 2011 using e-Skool.

Ahliah School was formed in the heart of Beirut in 1950. Ahliah aims at reinstalling in its students the spirit of independence, of national and humanistic involvement, and of faith in the ability of each individual to make a difference. The school works to engrain in its students the joy of learning and to give them room to grow and incentive to respect themselves and everything that God created.

In line with Ahliah School’s mission, e-Skool was adopted to improve the quality of its students education. e-Skool’s team looks forward to providing Ahliah with a first class website that reflects their mission and values.

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e-Skool Pays Back to Our Community

e-Skool’s mission is to help improve the quality of education around the world. We believe that all students, everywhere, deserve to have the tools they need to become the next generation of innovators.  Furthermore, we are committed to helping students, parents, and teachers improve their educational experience, as well as making it an enjoyable one.

Our company has started a new program to help schools and pay back to our community.  Every year, e-Skool website solution will be donated to a selected number of non-profit schools or schools that cannot afford to buy e-Skool.

If you think that your school falls into one of these categories, then feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch  as early as possible to implement e-Skool for you.

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Student Contributions to a School’s Website

More and more, we have been asked about student contributions to our partner schools’ websites. In every case, we have encouraged the school to please, JUST DO IT! Our partner schools have some of the best students, fully capable of writing great and entertaining content. And yet…student contributions remain virtually non-existent.

Our students know how to write, they are motivated to contribute to the life of the school, and perhaps most importantly, they embody much of a school’s actual character. Along with the faculty, these students are the living and breathing evidence of what is said in a school’s marketing materials.

There is a big opportunity to let students’ voices come out on school websites. By simply reviewing articles and appropriately labeling the content as both informal and student-provided, schools can let their personality shine through and literally bring all those words in your website to life.

We believe that schools that harness this potential will have some happier students and parents, better admissions and more highly trafficked websites.

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School Website Content Tips

  1. News vs. Announcements.  News section should contain news items about past events.  Announcements section should contain information about future events.
  2. It is advisable to set the expiry date of Announcements to 1 day after the announced event date in order to archive expired content early on. For example, if you publish an announcement about an event happening on the 3rd of May, then the Expiry Date should be set to 4th of May.
  3. It is recommended to publish announcements about important events that are appearing in the Academic or Athletics Calendar.  This will allow you to remind website visitors of important upcoming events and provide more details.
  4. Avoid using Newsletters.  Newsletters are useful only when a school does not have a website.  Instead, newsletter content should be published under the News, Announcements, and Calendar sections of the school’s website.   Some of the disadvantages of publishing Newsletters are:
    • Newsletter files usually have a large size.  Website visitors with a slow internet connection might find it difficult to download and view them.
    • Website visitors have to download the complete newsletter file even if they want to view a single piece of information.
    • Information published in News, Announcements, and Calendar sections of e-Skool reach their audience much faster than when using Newsletters.  This is because creating a newsletter requires additional time in compiling the required information and for publishing it on preset periodic dates.
  5. Resize Photos to 800×600.  e-Skool will automatically reduce the size of any uploaded photos to a maximum width of 800 pixels and a maximum height of 600 pixels.  This will make it easier for website visitors to download published photos and view them easily.  However, to maintain a high quality of your photos, it is highly recommended to resize the photos to 800 x 600 pixels using a photo editing tool, like Microsoft Office Picture Manager, before uploading them to e-Skool.
  6. Post a PDF.  It’s customary that most documents posted to your school’s website should be in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Not only can you guarantee that your content won’t be misused, you can also make sure that your visitors can access the document.  Using PDFs can also be a great way to maintain your brand. Always include your logo and school information within the document so that users can have your contact information handy.
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e-Skool Welcomes The Islamic School of Hamilton

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Islamic School of Hamilton (ISH) to our ever-increasing list of partner schools. ISH will be the first school that adopts e-Skool web solution in Ontario, Canada.

ISH has an enviable reputation in Hamilton, Ontario, as a high-achieving Islamic school. ISH is a non-profit private school operating under the umbrella of the Muslim Association of Hamilton and serves students from kindergarten to Grade 8.

We look forward to providing them with a first class website that reflects their values. Keep checking www.ishcanada.com for updates and you should see the finished product in the not too distant future.

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Using Multiple Site Themes

With proper access rights, a website administrator can select an appearance theme in few clicks.  A lot of themes are already available by e-Skool.  In addition, a user can create custom made themes and apply them whenever required.

A very nice idea is to create and apply themes related to current events or celebrations.  For example, you can apply a Christmas theme during the holidays or a Sports theme during the annual sports activities of your school. 

Ok… Lets do it.

  1. Sign-in to your school website.
  2. Click on the Admin or Teacher Dashboard menu item.
  3. Under Website Settings, click on  Appearance Settings.
  4. Select any of the available themes, then click on the Load button.

You can also refine the colors or appearance of the loaded theme to suit your taste.

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e-Skool 2011 Annual Survey

As part of our annual evaluation of our products and services, a survey was conducted in January 2011 that invited more than 100 teachers and 250 students and parents to report about their experience with e-Skool.

Students and Parents

The survey found that 78% of respondents reported that they were satisfied with e-Skool’s information content.  At the same time, 28% believed that e-Skool was beneficial to them, while 52% believed that it was very beneficial to their academic studies.


On the other hand, 90% of surveyed teachers reported that e-Skool has an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that made it straightforward for them to update their academic information on the school’s website.  This point is further supported by the fact that 41% of the participating teachers said that they spend 15 to 30 minutes per day to update their academic information using e-Skool, while 53% said they spend just less than 15 minutes per day!

Given the facts that 94% of surveyed teachers spend less than 30 minutes a day to update their academic information online using e-Skool and that 85% of teachers believed that e-Skool is beneficial to both students and their parents, makes e-Skool an invaluable tool to improve the quality of education in our schools.

Teachers were also asked about the way that e-Skool assisted them in their academic careers.  50% of the respondents reported that e-Skool allowed parents to share the responsibility with teachers in raising student’s performance.  Teachers also reported that e-Skool allowed them to make better decisions about scheduling assignments, homework, and exams and that it reduced unnecessary communication with parents.


Once again, e-Skool proves that it is an essential tool in the education sector and that it brings tremendous improvements to the quality of education at a minimal effort from faculty and staff.

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e-Skool wins “2010 Most Competitive Project” Award by BeryTech

Berytech held its annual Christmas Gala dinner on December 14, 2010 at the Four Season’s Hotel in Beirut in the presence of entrepreneurs, board and staff members, Saint-Joseph University Rector and Deans, as well as a host of friends and supporters.

Pere Rene Chamussy (left), President of St. Joseph University hands Berytech Yearly Award to Mahdi Ghurayeb (right), Business Development Manager of e-Skool

The event featured as well the Berytech Incubation Awards ceremony that recognizes the most competitive projects presented during the 2010 edition.

Dr. Nicolas Rouhana, Director of Berytech Technology Pole announced the results and trophies were awarded to each of the laureates. By order of merit and ranking, the Awards went to:

Mahdi Ghurayeb, e-Skool
Abdallah Absi, Rifflex
Antoun Abou Zeid, Makhsoom.com
Rami Hajjar, Wext
Antoine Khoury, RF Trends
Joseph Abi Samra Tasmeem
Michel Kattouah, MDC
Rabeeh Abla, CSP Solutions
Charles Khoury, Dictype

The Awards provide the winning projects cash grants in line with the above order of merit, up to 12-months incubation period within Berytech and Eligibility for equity financing through Berytech Fund.

Mahdi Ghurayeb, top laureate for his school information system project e-Skool declared: “It is an honor to receive this award because it is a validation of all the efforts we have put into this project. Berytech’s support to date has been a mind-expanding experience and we are positive that with the support of its team, the only way is up”.

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Styrax Technologies Teams Up with Smarten S.A.L.

Driven by their commitment to enhance the quality of education around the world, Styrax Technologies based in Hamilton, ON, teamed up with Smarten S.A.L., based in Lebanon, to launch e-Skool web solution in the Middle East. The agreement was signed by Mr. Alaa Hamid, Managing Director at Styrax Technologies, and Mr. Mahdi Ghurayeb, General Manager at Smarten S.A.L.

As per the agreement, Smarten will be the exclusive distributer of e-Skool in the Middle East with a special focus on schools in Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The move will allow schools in the region to benefit from web technologies in enhancing the quality of education and bridging the communication gap between schools and their students and parents.

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